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Ultra-broadband ASE source:U-ASE-G01-FiberPro


The U-ASE-G01-FiberPro is a continous wave (CW) ultra-broadband light source designed for wavelength-dependent characteristics measurement of special optical fibers(Yb, Er, Tm, etc.) and devices.

This wide-band, highly stable light source, has very long lifetime(typically>100,000 hours), provides highly reliable non-polarized, CW ASE light.

Specifications (Preliminary)

Wavelength range 850 to 1650 nm
Output Spectrum stability (peak-to-peak) Maxmium:± 0.3 dB for whole range (at 20 °C, for 1 hour*, limited by Ando OSA)
Output Power stability (within 2 hours) +/-1.5%
Output waveform CW light
Output level
(output from Corning Hi1060 optical fiber)
>-55 dBm (900-1150nm), (Resolution 1nm)
>-58 dBm, (1350-1600nm); (Resolution 1nm)
Other band >-70dBm(1150-1350nm),(Resolution 1nm)
Output format Single mode Corning Hi1060 FC/PC, Supplied as standard

Note: The standard optical connector is FC/PC type. Inquire for information on other optical connectors.

C-band 1530-1560nm: spectral smoothness < 1dB;

Full width half maximum > 45nm

Typical output spectra is shown in the following figure 2.


Wide-band, highly stable output

The U-ASE-G01-FiberPro covers 850 to 1650 nm and provides highly stable optical output spectra at room temperature.


The broadband light source U-ASE-G01-FiberPro are very useful and cost-effective for :

characterization of Rare-earth doped optical fibers

Passive fibers

Optical fiber components test



Medical applications

In conjunction with the Optical Spectrum Analyzer, this light source is very effective in measuring wavelength dependent transmission characteristics of optical fibers and devices like fiber couplers, fiber isolators and filters.